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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

[TW] PART 5 - Fangliao-Pingtung

Itinerary: Kenting Main Street 墾丁大街 > Fangliao Train Station 枋寮火車站 > Pingtung Train Station 屏東火車站 > Pole旅行居所 > A-Chi美式廚房 > I/o studio屏東縣青創聚落 >  General House 將軍之屋 > Pingtung Night Market 屏東觀光夜市 > Pole旅行居所 > 李家肉圆 > Pingtung Tutorial Academy 屏東書院孔廟 > Pingtung Park 屏東公園


  • Kenting Main Street 墾丁大街 > Fangliao Train Station 枋寮火車站

We took the bus from Kenting Main Street to Fangliao Train Station... because I wanna to come back for my favorite Braised Meat Rice I had went I came Taiwan for solo backpacking trip! (Related Post: [Backpack TW] Part 5 - Fangliao)

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Da Kou A Ma Gu Zao Wei 大摳阿嬤古早味https://www.facebook.com/DaKouAMaGuZaoWei/?ref=page_internal

  • Fangliao Train Station 枋寮火車站 > Pingtung Train Station 屏東火車站 > Pole旅行居所 

We were told that the next available direct train to Pingtung was in 1-2hours time, so we were suggested by the train staff to make a transfer in Chaozhou Train Station to Pingtung.

Highly recommend those who was heading to Pingtung from Kenting via bus to alight at Chaozhou Train Station. There are more trains going towards Pingtung from Chaozhou.

Alighted at Pingtung Train Station, the accommodation owner told us she was coming over to pick up us from the station. So nice of her. (':
Pole旅行居所, https://www.airbnb.com.sg/rooms/13584033;
SGD$55 / night
Review: I find it a great stay with comfortable beddings plus clean private washroom. The owner Wanyin own the whole building, and there is CCTV every corner of the building. Safe and near to the train station. If I have to drop by Pingtung again, definitely here again.

  • Pole旅行居所 > A-Chi美式廚房

Pingtung city is not only a stopover after the long morning at kenting, but also to visit my Taiwan friend I met at Chishang when I was backpacking. (Related Post: [Backpack TW] Part 2 - Chishang)

Loved the backalley of Pingtung's houses, so I took a nice photo of my sister!

After like 15mins walk, we reached her cafe! And she greeted us with her cafe menu, which means food again!
The food there were too good. Even if she is not my friend, I would still recommend this cafe. The half-cooked egg yolk streamed out when we cut the omelette into half OMG. Plus the marinated pork, goodness. If you eat beef, their Peanut Butter Beef Burger is the hot seller, I guess it should be as fantastic as this Pork Omelette. She is so fortunate to get married to a chef that can cook so well. (feeling abit pity I can't make it to her wedding this April)

  • A-Chi美式廚房 > I/o studio屏東縣青創聚落

My friend gave some directions around some famous tourist spots in Pingtung, so off we go and explore.

On the way, we saw this relatively new place I/o studio, and it was something like those cargo box trending in Korea.

We took alot of ridiculous photo with the cargo boxes as background, not sharing them here. But have some feel of this new place. There were handful of cafes, to encourage entrepreneurship and also to bring in more creative spaces for the people in Pingtung.

There is a rooftop garden with a small stage. Ideal for some live bands/mini concert! If our Taiwan trip was slightly later, she would have caught her favorite Taiwanese singer singing at this rooftop.

It is a nice place, but too far away from the train station and housing area. Hard to bring crowds in I guess; that's explain the quietness.
I/o studio屏東縣青創聚落http://you-terminal.com/youth-terminal/ 

  • I/o studio屏東縣青創聚落 >  General House 將軍之屋

Walked further down and we reached the famous General House of Pingtung. Should be this house I guess, it looked abit scary that we did not dare to walk further to confirm whether it is the right one. If you would like to visit this historical place, day time please.

There were similar houses near the General House, this area is called 勝利新村青島街眷村 (Qingdao Street). They were all pastries cafes, serving Western, Japanese etc desserts. But we were too full to try, all of them looks great.

  • General House 將軍之屋 > Pingtung Night Market 屏東觀光夜市

Although the pictures looks like it was late in the night, actual time was only 7ish. So we decided to give the Pingtung Night Market a try. And to see any good food out there.
Pingtung Night Market 屏東觀光夜市, Google Map Location;
No. 36, Minzu Road, Pingtung City
In the end, we were too busy dodging the scooters that we did not buy anything but fruit juices. How disappointing.

Further down the night market there were several shops and a shopping centre for some window shopping. And a brightly lid temple. I guess this is the only night life in Pingtung.


  • Pole旅行居所 > 李家肉圆

So, my Taiwanese friend told me to try this 李家肉圆 (Meat Dumplings). Google directed to me it was a stall in their traditional market. So another round of dodging of scooter. Loathe it so much, plus I got hit by a bird shit on my fringe. HAHAHAHAHA

Finally after like 30mins walk with all the hiccups, we reached the place!

To make things terrible, my camera wasnt working well that morning that resulted in this blurry photo! >:(
李家肉圆, Google Map Location;
I loved the meat fillings abit and pieces. But the dumpling skin, I would say Hsinchu's verison is much better. The skin was abit soggy, too soft, too thin; unlike Hsinchu with some QQ texture. If only someone can combine both Pingtung's meat fillings and Hsinchu's dumpling skin together! Okay, I suppose it was still worth it walking so long distance and plus getting a bird shit as a prize. (I should have bought a Taiwan Lottery Ticket that day, maybe I would have became a millionaire in Taiwan)

  • 李家肉圆 > Pingtung Tutorial Academy 屏東書院孔廟 > Pingtung Park 屏東公園

Since we walked into the central part of Pingtung City, we decided to google for some place of interest. And the googlemap showed this Tutorial Academy, which is also known as Confucius Temple. It was really peaceful place, but just a very small area to cover.
 Pingtung Tutorial Academy 屏東書院孔廟confucius.culture.tw/temple/temple11_1.htm;
Free Enterance
Further down was the Pingtung Park 屏東公園. There was this Ahou City Gate 阿猴城門 somewhere in the park. It was built in way back in 1836, impressive that everything was still intact. In the past, this is the gate that divides the city with the outskirts.

Other than the historical gate, the park also has this inverted ice-cream cone. There were still many good spots for photo taking in the park. Worth to take a stroll over there.

The park was near to my friend's cafe, so we popped by to bid goodbye to her. Then we realised the 李家肉圆 she mentioned was the branch just right opposite her cafe. OH GOSH, so we walked so far for nothing. HAHAHA Frankly speaking, there are hardly any blogs out there that introduced Pingtung city's places-to-go/attractions. So if you are visiting this underrated city in Taiwan, I hopes my post will come in handy.

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