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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

[Living in TW] Fuda Night Market 輔大花園觀光夜市

Introducing Taiwan's Guide Book Ranking No.1 Night Market, (drum roll), Fuda Night Market!

The route to get to the night market!
(Click Photo to Enlarge)
Exit from Fuda Metro Station Exit1. It's pretty easy to get there if you don't get lost!
(Method 1 - aka the shortcut "local" method)
  • Follow the black arrows on the map I labelled. The most important thing is to locate the 7-11 IN THE CAMPUS. Once you found the 7-11 (I've circled it in red on the map), more or less you are safe. If you're lost in the campus, do ask any student how to get to the 7-11. Exit from the side door near the campus' 7-11, turn right, and turn left at the first alley. You will see the night market signboard within 50 steps.
(Method 2 - aka the googlemap method)
  • Alternatively you can walk the along 中正區514巷 and turn right at the end of the street, keep walking straight and you will see the 7-11 within the uni campus and likewise, turn in to the first alley afterwards. If not, open the googlemap app in your phone and follow the instructions.
I would highly recommend Method 1, it is safe and many interesting things around the campus to see. I am not saying Method 2, is not a good option, just that there are plenty motorcycles along 514巷 and it is a slightly dark, not as safe as walking through the Fujen Uni.

After turning into the first alley and keep walking straight, you will be able to see this:
It will be a 15-20mins walk, alternatively you can cab to the night market from whichever location you are. Do note that some cabs will reject driving you to the night market from Fuda Metro Station cause the journey too short.

1. 格格間Q
They insisted they are not selling waffles. The texture was very different from waffles although it looks alike. I tried the strawberry favour, it was chewy and abit sweet, a very new experience and taste! Must Try in the NM!

2. 轟炸大魷魚
Deep Fried Sotong/Squid! They were very nice to cut it into smaller pieces, another stall at the another side of the NM does not provide this service. And you will be able to choose your favourite seasoning! Another Must Try!

3. 日月潭紅茶專賣店
I dont understand but there are only a few drinks stalls available in this NM, and this is one of them. Nothing special.

4. 起士捲
It was located right at the entrance of the NM, I think it is abit overrated, cause to me it is just some normal cheese roll/wrap. Maybe I had it cold and not puffing hot, so the texture/taste wasnt so impressive.

5. 黑嚕嚕粉圓
You have to read this stall name in Taiwanese 台語 to understand the joke. It is famous for it's black pearls but I never tried them, however from what I heard it was really nice. I tried their wintermelon milk tea and it tasted great! But note that the queue may be very long!

6. 炸飯團
This Fried Rice Ball is another must try in the NM! It is located somewhere near the waffles-look-alike stall. The seaweed was crispy and tasted good with the mayonnaise and the floss!

7. 韓森吐司
It sells fried bread, and it displays real bread. (according to the boss) I tried some fruity fried bread, the bread tasted good but abit weird combination to go with canned fruits. Maybe the other favours will be much better?

8. 炸蛋餅
You get to choose the favours and toppings for your fried egg pizza(?). Since I never tried the hualien famous fried egg pizza before... so to me this was awesome! My personal Must Try food in the NM!

9. 港式燒賣
It looks presentable but the taste was... disappointing. Unless Taiwanese have a different taste for Hongkong Dimsum, if not I would not recommend patronizing this stall.

10. 墨西哥捲餅
Not too bad for a Mexico Wrap, just that it was very spicy. Perhaps they added too much black pepper or something. If you love spicy food, this wrap will be suitable for you.

11. 噴汁香腸
Craving for some chinese sausages that day, the taste of the meat was alright! Something to munch on while walking around the NM!

12. 高雄木瓜牛乳大王
Some nice fruit drinks from this stall, cheap and good!

13. 甜不辣
I cant remember which stall I bought from, the taste was fine and good enough to satisfy my tempura cravings!

This marks the end of my Fuda Night Market food journey!

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