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Thursday, May 14, 2015

[Backpack TW] Part 5 - Fangliao

Route Info: Taitung Forest Park > Pingtung's Fangliao Station > Fangliao Town > (next day) Fangliao Fish Harbor > Fangliao-F3 Railway Art Village
(台東森林公園 > 屏東 枋寮 > 枋寮小鎮 > 枋寮漁港 > 枋寮 F3 藝文特區)

1. Taitung Forest Park > Fangliao
Walked back to the forest park entrance, to wait for the bus to the train station. I met an old Taiwanese couple complaining to another bus service bus driver about the irregular bus timings at the bus stop. And the most dramatic moment was the bus driver happen to come from the same hometown as the old couple, so the topic shifted to reminiscing their hometown. After the bus driver left, the couple started chatting with me about traveling. Super envious of them, able to find someone who loves you so much and willing to travel around with you together. (':

The bus came late, took the bus and reached the train station within 20mins.

The old couple was going 知本 Zhi Ben for hotsprings. And while queuing for the train tickets, they were so worried I will miss my train or something, kept on prompting me to queue behind them, as the other counters were pretty slow. Really cute of them!

So I was at the counter, I told the person I would like to purchase the 普快車 'Ordinary train3672' ticket to Fangliao, she was in shock and did a confirmation with me. Nearing to boarding time, the ticketing staff was telling me hardly anyone takes this train.
Taitung to Fangliao, NT$104, 2hrs 13mins, http://www.railway.gov.tw
According to Taiwanese this Taitung to Fangliao train route is called South-Link Line 南迴線; the train runs along the southern tip of Taiwan which connects the eastern and western coasts. To fully experience this line, the highly recommended method is to take the Ordinary Train, which is the last air-con electric train in Taiwan.

To summarise this whole train jounrey, I edited all my video clips taken in the train ride, and made into a short few seconds video.

Pictures of the train interior

What you can do in the long 2hrs train trip?
1. You can pull up the window to enjoy the cool breeze~

2. Put your hands out of the window and let the breeze brush through your fingers~ CAUTION: there are many tunnels in this route, do take note

3. Attract dogs' attention

4. Go to the back of the train to take pictures of the tunnel

5. Relax your mind and body... enjoy the pretty sea scenery

Reach Fangliao station in the late evening. But so lucky that I made a right choice to book the accommodation 1min away from the train station! (I took the exterior of the accommodation the next morning)
枋寮鐵馬客棧, No. 21, Chuyun Road, Fangliao Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 940
Single room NT$500, www.facebook.com/bikehouse.tw
Great deal with a small nice room with aircon and TV! The owner was a nice lady who explained the room and facilities clearly. And that was the only day I had a personal TV; I really love to watch Taiwan channels.

The owner recommended a few nice food around the train station, and being lazy I chose the one that is nearest; 大摳阿嬤!
大摳阿嬤古早味, https://zh-hk.facebook.com/DaKouAMaGuZaoWei
Super nice Braised Meat Rice! The best I ever had in Taiwan so far, really worth to travel so far for this bowl of goodness! Definitely coming back one day for another bowl of this rice!

After dinner, I'm still feeling lazy, so I decided not to explore the surroundings and settled for a cup of 抹茶奶綠 Matcha Tea Aulai from 7-11. Returned back to the accommodation and got myself a book to read at the common area.

There was a cat meowing outside of the accommodation, I saw it approaching me when I was opening the front door, and I quickly closed the door, then I realised the owner is actually a cat lover, so most likely the cat was her's. I felt so apologetic to the cat but I cant imgaine myself with a cat at the common area.
So the meowing was abit districting, and I remembered I had a personal TV in the room which was super tempting, thus after 30mins I gave up reading and my eyes were glued to the hundreds over channels.

After a while someone came and brought the cat back. Thankfully.

2. Bike House > Fangliao Fish Harbor
I wanted to catch the sunrise... but I overslept. I guess I watched too much TV the previous night.

There are 3 different types of free bicycles provided by the accommodation, so I chose a bicycle and explored the small town.
Came to the harbor that I wanted to catch the sunrise, 枋寮漁港.

There were lots of stalls selling the freshly caught fishes! Such a cool experience walking through and browsing at the stalls.

I decided to climb the bridge to take a glimpse at the pretty sea.

Quite a few people was fishing at the platform... while I was simply standing there watching boats drifting off my sight.

3. Fangliao Fish Harbor > Fangliao-F3 Railway Art Village
The town is pretty small, and not much attractions... this is one of the more famous attractions over there. Which is a stone away from the train station and the accommodation; 枋寮 F3 藝文特區.
枋寮 F3 藝文特區, https://www.facebook.com/FangLiaof3

4. Fangliao-F3 Railway Art Village > Bike House
Bought breakfast from a random breakfast store, as usual my favourite breakfast - Pork Floss in Egg Pancake!

After breakfast in the common area, I wrote a note at the notice board! And this marks the end of my Fangliao small adventure!

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