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Saturday, March 4, 2017

[TW] PART 4 - Kenting

Itinerary: Sea Inn 濱海風情旅店 > 港口吊橋 Manchurian Port Drawbridge > Longpan National Park 龍磐公園 > Fengchuisha 風吹沙 > Elunabi Park 鵝鑾鼻公園 > Shadao 砂岛 > Sail Rock 船帆石


  • Sea Inn 濱海風情旅店 > 港口吊橋 Manchurian Port Drawbridge

We bought a half day tour package at Hengchun Bus Interchange the previous day, so woke up early to enjoy the nice morning view from our balcony before the tour bus pick us up from the accommodation.
I got a shock slightly later to see the guest from next door in his pyjamas sat at the balcony too. HAHAHA really awkward.

Our tour bus came at 8am, and we are the only participants of the day. Parked our luggages all into the mini bus, and off we go~
Hengchun Peninsula East Coastline 恆春半島東海岸線, http://www.taiwantourbus.com.tw/C/tour/tw/hengchun-peninsula-east-coastline-half-day-tour;
NT$500,  4 hours trip 
Since there is no other participants... so we considered spending NT$1000 to book the entire mini bus + a guide. Anyway, if you book a driver for half a day, it would be around NT$2000-$4000.

And the bus has free WIFI and charging USB ports, good for us to charge our phones and post photos on social media platforms.

The first stop of the tour is 港口吊橋 Manchurian Port Drawbridge:
We came at the right timing, no crowd at all, so we get to occupy the whole bridge to take silly photos!

And the view from the bridge was amazing too!

Crossed to the other end of the bridge, it was like a tiny island.

  • 港口吊橋 Manchurian Port Drawbridge > Longpan National Park 龍磐公園 > Fengchuisha 風吹沙

Second stop was Longpan National Park 龍磐公園:

It was super windy, but I get to take this pretty backview shot of my sister.

Third stop, Fengchuisha 風吹沙, was rather similar place like Longpan National Park, but the wind was crazy:
I had to grab on my sister otherwise we will be rolling down the cliff. We took a video of the ridiculous wind speed, but it was too unglamorous to share.

side note: Kenting has this 落山風 (howling wind) issue during winter period, that explains winter is not the best season to visit Kenting

  • Fengchuisha 風吹沙 > Elunabi Park 鵝鑾鼻公園

Forth stop was something I really wanted to come badly, Elunabi Park 鵝鑾鼻公園!

When I was in Primary School, I loved to watch this Taiwanese Variety - 少年兵團 旗開得勝 你要去哪裡. There was once they were tasked to ask a stranger that is heading to Eluanbi Lighthouse 鵝鑾鼻燈塔. How impossible mission but they made it possible. Years later the producer disclosed in another variety show that it was scripted. That was a very shocking news for me. Anyway, sixth attempt to Taiwan and I finally make my way to here!
The light house blended in with the sea view and sky very well, that I loved the place so much.

Coral Reef Forest Park 珊瑚礁公園 was under maintenance, so we headed to another area which is the Kissing Stone 親吻石
A photo posted by xylee (@ohhtravel) on
We climbed a short flight of stairs next to the Kissing Stone, and was amazed by the pretty view.

Exited the Eluanbi Park and there was a small market at the exit, mostly selling souvenirs.

  • Elunabi Park 鵝鑾鼻公園 > Shadao 砂岛 > Sail Rock 船帆石

Fifth Stop was Shadao 砂岛, there is a small exhibition hall next to the beach.

The beach formed by Coral Reefs:

Last stop, Sail Rock 船帆石!
And our tour guide joined us in our selfie with the Sail Rock!

It was a enjoyable 4 hours trip with the Taiwan Tour Bus, definitely highly recommended for anyone coming over to Kenting to enjoy the clear blue sky & sea with them. Great bus driver and tour guide! If I am coming back Kenting again, I would like to join their sunset tour!

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