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Friday, March 24, 2017

[TW] PART 6 - Chiayi-Minxiong

Itinerary: Pingtung Train Station 屏東火車站 > Chiayi Train Station 嘉義火車站 > Light Hostel 承億輕旅 > Wenhua Street Night Market 文化路夜市 > 老院子1951 > Minxiong Train Station 民雄火車站 > 正宗民雄鵝肉亭 > Light Hostel 承億輕旅


  • Pingtung Train Station 屏東火車站 > Chiayi Train Station 嘉義火車站 > Light Hostel 承億輕旅

Definitely can't miss out buying a bento set from the train station for lunch!

And this cutie was drooling over our bento.

Second time in Chiayi City, this time I decided to try out this quite newly built hotel-hostel which was pretty popular among Taiwanese bloggers.
Light Hostel 承億輕旅www.lighthostel.com;
NT$1300 / night;
Booked via their website
Review: Pretty hostel, with really decent facilities. The double decker room was rather small, but sufficient enough with us as our luggages were not huge; should have gotten the double bed room instead. But as a hostel I feel the staff were abit cold; I really enjoyed hostel who does a small intro to their facilities, and some dos & donts. Like I wanted to do some laundry, they told me the washing machines were at the rooftop, and I climbed the flight of stairs to the top, but could not locate it, then I realised it was the other stairs that leads to the rooftop. I think they can afford to train their staff to do better explanation then just throwing keywords; it was tiring to climb the stairs twice with the mountain of clothes.

  • Light Hostel 承億輕旅 > Wenhua Street Night Market 文化路夜市 > 老院子1951

My sister was feeling abit hungry, so before we step into Chiayi's famous pastry shops district, we decided to grab some food from Wenhua Street Night Market 文化路夜市. And the night market was almost up all ready at 4pm!

Another 15mins walk from the night market, we reached the cluster of pastry shops. This district was super duper famous among Taiwanese bloggers for the old Japanese-looking shophouses selling delicious looking pastries.

The most famous pastry shop among all is this:
屋子裡有甜點, https://m.facebook.com/dessertinhouse?_rdr

Firstly so they don't limited their customers dinning time. Secondly the queue was "invisible"; apparently you just have to leave your mobile number to join in the queue, you don't have to physically queue.

Asked the staff estimated waiting time, and she could not answer. They don't do takeaways, unless you bring your own cake container. this shows how popular they are

As I am meeting a Taiwanese friend for dinner, I can't be in the waiting queue. Backup plan was this pastry shop just 10 steps away from the famous.
老院子 1951https://m.facebook.com/老院子-1951-想喝-411373582359579/
Loved the shop atmosphere so much; so cozy and old school. The tables and chairs were recycled from some school's furniture and most importantly their cakes were delicious! The owners were rather friendly, when they realised we were not locals by the way we order stuffs, so they were patient with us and did much detailed explanation. Great service! And great place to camwhore with the cakes.

  • 老院子1951 > Minxiong Train Station 民雄火車站 > 正宗民雄鵝肉亭

After having such a enjoyable hi-tea session, we walked over to the Chiayi Train Station and caught a train to Minxiong Train Station 民雄火車站. It was a quick ride, I believe 15mins or so.

My Taiwanese friend was waiting for us outside the train station and she brought us for the most famous speciality in Minxiong, goose meat!

The goose meat were rather decent, just that too many bones. If only they could help to remove the bones then this is a perfect dish for dinner.

Minxiong is a rather quiet town located in Chiayi, underrated I would say. If you would like to better explore this underrated town, I would suggest this Taiwan Travel Bus 台灣好行 - Southern Branch of the NPM route!

As my Taiwanese friend lives in Minxiong, and there is hardly any public transport in the town, she drove us around the town to have a feel. No idea where she drove us to though, haha.


  • Light Hostel 承億輕旅

Utilise the free breakfast coupons from the hostel; we get to choose Taiwanese Breakfast or Western Breakfast. Taiwanese style breakfast for us~

As always, I am really impress with the Taiwanese breakfast menu, the menu list was like one page full, no space wasted.
Although the wait was super long, almost 40mins with the lady boss shouting at her staff for being slow and forgetful, loved our breakfast bit and piece. This ends our small trip to Chiayi.

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