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Friday, April 14, 2017

[TW] PART 8 - Taipei

Itinerary: Banqiao HSR Station 板橋高鐵站 > Taipei Pig Home 小豬窩 > Ximending 西門町 > (next day) ToasToasT 土司吐司 > Crazy Cut 亂剪 > 永樂市場台南土魠魚羹 > Rilakkuma Café 拉拉熊咖啡廳 > Jingmei Night Market 景美觀光夜市


  • Banqiao HSR Station 板橋高鐵站 > Taipei Pig Home 小豬窩 > Ximending 西門町

I hate to take taxi/cab in Taiwan, always have bad experience with their drivers. So I booked an uber car to drive us to Ximending's accommodation. The driver was awesome and helpful; the ride was so pleasant, 100x better than a cab ride. But too bad Uber is officially illegal in Taiwan. ):

Check-in the accommodation slightly ahead of my friends who just arrived Taipei, and was loving the cozy apartment offered by Taipei Pig Home 小豬窩.
Taipei Pig Home 西門町民宿«小豬窩», https://zh-cn.facebook.com/TaipeiBnBTrip/;
The Geometry room, 4 pax - NT$3,040 / night
This room can sleep up to 6 pax, but I feel 4 pax is just right. The beds were very comfortable, free WIFI which is portable type where you can bring out of the room. The owner was very friendly, and the auntie that pop-by to housekeep the room was nice too. Love the point that have a small kitchen and a washing machine, which was convenient for us since we will be staying for 4 nights.

Waited for my friends to arrive the accommodation, and we had a quick & simple dinner in our favorite hangout store in Ximending.


  • Ximending 西門町 > ToasToasT 土司吐司 > Crazy Cut 亂剪

The previous night we googled for hair salons in Taipei, and after heaps of research we decided to head to Gongguan Station 公館捷運站, where the famous NTU 台大 is located at, to get our hair fixed.

Feeling hungry, we googled for the best breakfast store over there, and this toast was top in the search engine.
ToasToasT 土司吐司, https://www.facebook.com/toastxtoast/;
NT$40-65 / per toast
I tried the Kimchi Pork with Wholemeal Bread. Daebak! They are very generous with the kimchi pork and fried egg goes well with everything. Definitely coming back again for another toast!

After a hearty breakfast, we went around scanning for potential hair salon in that area. There were like 20 over salons in the whole area, that we gave up and decided to go for something that looks not that bad.

Crazy Cut 亂剪, www.crazycut.com.tw
I can not remember how much I paid, but not that worth it I feel. (I rather go JB to fix my hair)

4 of us entered the salon, but my 2 friends who has more requirements asked for a verbal quote from one of the stylist, which ended up became their hair stylist. Me & my sister was left out, his reason was we did not engage in the quotation conversation, so he does not want to fix our hairs. I can't understand his logic but whatever. After some time came by a stylist which claimed he was appointed to fix our hairs; I wanted to dye ash brown or maybe highlight, but he turned all down, and dyed something close to gold. After the dye was done, I opted for treatment, and I felt the treatment was useless. Slightly unhappy experience with them, they could have handled customer request much better.

But for my sister got a nice haircut from a junior stylist. HAHA which was so surprisingly that a junior was much more skillful with customers and hair styling then those seniors.

  • Crazy Cut 亂剪 > 永樂市場台南土魠魚羹

While my friends were still perming their hairs, me & my sister went for a quick lunch at my favourite stall at Taipei! We took a train to Beimen Station 北門捷運站, walked for 10mins or so to this area called Dadaocheng 大稻城. (related post: [Backpack TW] Part 17 - Taipei; Dadaocheng Bitan)
永樂台南土魠魚羹, https://www.facebook.com/永樂台南土魠魚羹-533763566667312/
As usual they have very unfriendly customer service, but I still in love this bowl of goodness! My sister who claimed that she was not hungry, started snatching with me my 2 bowl worth of share after her first bite. Reviews claimed that the dish is not as authentic as those in Tainan, which really made me curious to go Tainan to try the real food.

  • 永樂市場台南土魠魚羹 > Rilakkuma Café 拉拉熊咖啡廳

We booked a slot at Rilakkuma Café 拉拉熊咖啡廳 before we flew over to Taiwan, met up with one of the friend whose hair was done.

There was practically no queue, so please dont bother to book in advance.
Rilakkuma Café 拉拉熊咖啡廳https://www.facebook.com/rctw2015/;
Zhongxiao Dunhua Station 忠孝敦化捷運站, Exit 3
min spending per pax: One Main Course or One Cup of Beverage
The atmosphere in the cafe is really nice and cozy, and the staff were polite. Their main dishes... average and pricey, not worth it at all. It was rather ridiculous that their desserts can't be considered as min spending. Once in a lifetime to such cafes is enough.

  • Rilakkuma Café 拉拉熊咖啡廳 > Jingmei Night Market 景美觀光夜市

Finally another friend was done with her hair, so we met her at Jingmei Station 景美捷運站 to head to the night market.
Really enjoyed the night market alot, simple yet localised, with all kinds of nice foodies. Love such places alot, rather than the big Shilin Night Market, or the crowded Raohe Night Market.

We headed to the supermarket for a short shopping trip. And bought 2 types of instant noodles that my colleague was craving over. It was so popular, that one of it was the last packet on shelf!

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