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[TW] Kaohsiung 2011

#1 transited at KL > Taoyuan Airport T1
3 of us were like damn high; because we din slept much the previous night and we're excited for the trip!

#2 Taoyuan Airport T1 > Taoyuan HSR Station

United Bus, Service #705. NT$30, Frequency 20mins, Travel Time 15-20mins

#3 Taoyuan HSR Station > Zuoying HSR Station

we were given the back row; it's the best seat for the whole car cause we can push down the chair to the max!
TIP: When you're purchasing the tickets request for a seat near the luggage corner, so that you can get the back seats and also watch out for your luggage.
NT1330 for one way trip, http://www.thsrc.com.tw/tc/?lc=tc

#4 Zuoying Station > San Duo Shopping District > 85Building (Our Minsu/Room)
Actually we got lost from the station to the 85Building; we're supposed to find 7-11 but there's four 7-11 stores on the 5-7mins walk. When we reached the building, we went to the wrong entrance but we met very nice kaohsiung-ers that brought us to the right entrance and brought us to the guard for help. Adding on, the guard without saying helped us to contact the minsu owner. what else can i say? (;

幸福驛站, http://www.cghome.tw/
This is our Day1 room, the owner is friendly couple that insisted over the email that we need to change another room for the Day2&Day3 cause they think the room is too small for us. Plus, they did not even asked us for deposit; they trusted us that we will turn up.

#5 85Building > LingYa Market

The dinner only costed less than S$2/person. There's pig intestines, oyster meesua, sour-spicy soup, xiaolaobao.

And we ended Day1 like that. Excluding the part where cons&jl camped half the night watching korean variety shows while im somehow in my lala-land here and there. (:

#1 85Building > San Duo (random) Street
We met our minsu owners on this random street; super coincidence!
Anyway the night before, we already decided to come to this beancurd store for breakfast.

Youtiao, fried dumplings, fried eggs and soybean milk. Scrumptious breakfast, i feel. Less then S$1.50/person. ;D

#2 San Duo Streets > 85Building
Moved to our 'new' room! Lots of soft toys, cons' toys and 臭豆腐 (pink rabbit we caught at the UFO).
幸福驛站, http://www.85.idv.tw/
#3 85Building > Tarkao Railway Museum {打狗鐵道故事館}
Alighted at Sizihwan {西子灣} Station, just outside the exit was this railway museum so we just went in to explore.

#4 Tarkao Railway Museum > Kaohsiung Fisherman's Wharf {高雄港漁人碼頭}

Not a very long walk from the railway museum. A very pretty area but a pity that the shops were all close; heard it opens during evening. The scene will be like SG's clarkequay?

#5 Kaohsiung Fisherman's Wharf > Yanchengpu {鹽埕埔} Streets
Trained to Yanchengpu Station, had mac for lunch. After that went over to 2 Shopping districts; 堀江商場 & 首飾街. Every shop in 首飾街 was having 50% off so every shop we enter we will come out with stuffs. Super scary watching money flowing out like nobody business.

While 堀江商場 was so not happening at all, super quiet sheltered streets.

Went for mango shaved ice at some 100+years old stall. In my opinion, taipei's monster ice is better. I think this costed NT$90.
高雄婆婆冰, 高雄市鹽埕區七賢三路135號/高雄市鹽埕區七賢三路98-12號

#6 Yanchengpu Streets > True Love Ferry Pier {真愛碼頭}

A distance away from Yanchengpu streets but walkable distance. A place with very pretty view of kaohsiung. Oh the pub singer sang a very sad song called 秋意濃, and we think that he sang better then the original singer. I think it is a nice place to stone, waste time away and also exercise!

#7 True Love Ferry Pier > Formosa Boulevard Station {美麗島站}
This station's exit is super pretty! (gaps)

#8 Formosa Boulevard Station > Liuhe Night Market {六合夜市}

The famous Liuhe Night Market! (tada)
Had a simple dinner over there, the funniest thing was jl ordered chicken noodles and end up it became seafood noodles. So we pointed the bowl of seafood noodles to the person and we asked her what it was and she replied chicken noodles. Three of us just practically loss of words; WIN.
Oh the doraemon's pancake is a MUST TRY! NT$20 and there is different fillings to choose from.
And we ended DAY2 with doraemon's pancake as supper. (;

TIP: Based on our observation, Kaohsiung seems to be a seafood paradise. Every dishes are served with lots of seafood.

#1 85Building > San Duo (random) Street
Complimentary breakfast by the minsu owner which is just one road across the building.

#2 San Duo > Changming Shopping District {長明街商圈}
We actually have no intentions of coming here. But we ended up here. Not much clothes shops, nothing much to see or recommend.

#3 Changming Shopping District > Dream Mall {夢時代購物中心}
Took the free shutter bus from 凱旋車站 to Dream Mall.

Lunched at Open Kitchen.

The portion was actually okay and none of us can finish our share because the soup made us all bloated. But the desert was really well done up. I think the lunch set costed around S$10 which is considered cheap for Soup + Drinks + Main Course + Desert!
I think Dream Mall's ferries wheel is much better than Taipei Miramar's one. I cant explain why but this is what i feel; maybe the presence of Hello Kitty & Friends? Anyway it's NT$150/ride.

#4 Dream Mall > New Jyuejiang Shopping Area {新堀江商圈}
It's like Taipei's Ximending, lots of shops selling clothes and etc. But the prices are somehow like Taipei's Wufenpu (slightly expensive by around 10~20%). Fun place to shop if you've something in mind. If not you'll get dizzy after some shopping, seriously too many clothes to browse through.

#5 New Jyuejiang Shopping Area > Ruifeng Night Market {瑞豐夜市}
It was pouring badly, but we still insisted of going the night market. End up, the night market was closed of the day. We did not check the guide book about this. So got drench for nothing. )':

TIP: 瑞豐夜市 closes on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

#6 Ruifeng Night Market > San Duo (random) Street > 85Building

Went to takeaway food from some street stall near our minsu; some noodles & rice stall. Usually in the late morning there will be a long queue outside this stall, I feel it is worth the wait. But I forgot to take a picture of the store! Anw we also tabao 7-11 stuffs back for dinner.
And ended DAY3 like this. Rainy day throughout the night and still raining the next morning. Suppose to go somewhere near the minsu for a nightview. Too bad. ):

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