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Friday, December 2, 2011


Frequent Questions and Answers on Taiwan (latest update 18JAN2015)
I may not be 100% right, please correct me if I'm wrong

1. How to travel to Colormix? Where is it? (All other similar questions)

卡樂町旅店 Colormix Hotel & Hostel, http://www.colormixhotel.com
They are formerly known as ColorMix Hotel-Apartment 調色盤台北酒店式公寓.

They have shifted to a new location, changed a new name, and their new location not only offers hotel type of rooms but also hostel rooms. According to my friend who highly recommended to me to try out their new location said that: it was a very new and clean place, near to the Ximending metro station, and quite quiet place. Thus, please visit their official website for directions to get to their new location.

You can travel to Ximending by the following methods from the airport:
  1. By Taxi (around NT$1200-1400)
  2. By Bus to Taipei > By Metro
  3. By Bus (united bus service #705 to Taoyuan HSR) > High Speed Railway (Taoyuan to Taipei) > Metro

2. How to go Jiufen & Shifen from Taipei?

  • Go to Taipei Main Station buy a train ticket to Ruifang Station

(a) To travel to Jiufen, exit the Ruifang Station and cross the road. The bus stop is opposite the train station, spot for 顶好wellcome. Hop into a public bus (take buses heading to Jinguashi or check the bus stop board or ask the driver) to Jiufen Old Street (NT$15). Upon boarding on the bus, either inform the driver you want to go to Jiufen Old Street and he will call you when the stop is arriving, or just try your luck that many people will be alighting at the stop, the Jiufen's bus stop should be near a 7-11. The bus ride is around 15-20mins.

(b) To travel to Shifen, at Ruifang Station buy the pingxi line train ticket, if you're traveling to more than one destination on the pingxi line buy the one-day train pass at NT$54, if not a one-way ticket is NT$20.
The train frequency is not very high, please plan and manage your time properly.

  • Take a bus from Zhongxiaofuxing Station to Jiufen
Exit from Exit1, make a turn upon exit and SOGO should be at your right. Walk down the street and turn left at the bend. There will be many taxis lining up over there quoting you prices (per person) NT$200~250 to Jiufen. Please be aware that not all drivers are honest; one claim to me that the bus interval is 40mins where the bus board clearly stated 10~20mins. The bus to Jiufen is 1062.
Bus 1062, full fare NT$102, Bus ride slight more than an hour


Feel free to post me a comment below if you've any more questions on taiwan. I will try to answer them.
[Areas of Taiwan I've covered: Taipei, Hualien, Ilan, Luodong, Jiufen, Shifen, Pingxi, Qingtong, Taichung, Cingjing, Sun Moon Lake, Kaohsiung, Taoyuan, Keelong, Hsinchu, Yingge, Sanshia, Miaoli]
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  1. hi, how do you go about booking at colormix? if got to email, in english, is it ok?

    thanks :)


  2. @Anonymous/kim

    I did the booking through email and payment through paypal. Im not sure whether they understand English (cause I sent them thru' chinese), you can try. If there is really a difficulty conversing in english is either you get a friend to help or you leave your email behind and I see how I can help out.



  3. hi xy,
    thanks a lot for your reply :)
    i managed to type out a chinese email to them, lol.

    would like to ask you some more questions. as this is my 1st time gg taiwan.

    where do you recommand to stay in kaoshiong and taichung?

    thanks :)

  4. Hi kim,

    For Kaohsiung:
    1. Kindness Hotel
    2. Kaohsiung 85 Building‚ƒ
    3. Holiday Garden Hotel
    4. R&R Hotel

    For Taichung:
    1. Hotel Dion
    2. Le Parker Hotel
    3. Crown Hotel

    These are all the hotels I found when I was doing my research for Taiwan, hopefully it helps. I only tried the Kaohsiung's 85 Building, for the rest of the hotels maybe you need to do some research on it. I havent attempted exploring Taichung yet so I cant help much, but if you have any questions on Kaohsiung feel free to drop me a comment again. (:


  5. Hi, manage to find out your blog while finding info regarding colormix.

    may i know how much does it cost one night? and basically we just do the booking through email? and if our flight reaches taopei in the morning say 6AM.. we will be able to check in at that time?

    sorry, alot of qns to ask.. haha.

    if possible reply to my email? thanks! :)

  6. Hi, thanks for the information regarding Colormix, I sent an email to colormix007@gmail.com however was told that its an invalid email.. Do you have their email? Wanna ask about rates for the double single bed room.. Thanks!

    1. Hi there!
      Umm i sent my email to colormix007@gmail.com too. Do you want to try sending them an email again? If not you can call them up?
      These were the rates i was given a few months back.
      Room01-05: NT$1250
      Room06-08: NT$1350
      RoomA-B,K: NT$1150
      RoomC-D,J: NT$1350
      RoomF,H-I: NT$1250
      RoomG: NT$1050
      *These are the rate for normal days, for weekends&holidays it is an additional of NT$200.

      Hopefully these helps. (:


    2. Hi dear, i came across your blog when i was looking for an affordable place to stay in ximending:) im really interested in booking colormix apartment after seeing your blog! Do you happeb to know why are there differences in the prices even though RoomG and Room A, B , K are all twin rooms?:)

    3. Hi,

      I think Colormix is one of the affordable place to stay in xmd. (Based on my own research)

      Based on my observations from the pictures given in their webpage, RoomG tend to be smaller. If you observe Room A, B, K there is a corner for a sofa and a coffee/writing table while Room G does not have. I think this is why there is a difference in the price.

      If your luggage(s) will be bulky, my recommendation is get a more spacious room. (:

      Room A: http://colormix.pixnet.net/blog/post/9291590
      Room B: http://colormix.pixnet.net/blog/post/9563936
      Room K: http://colormix.pixnet.net/blog/post/9293248
      Room G: http://colormix.pixnet.net/blog/post/9292458


    4. Hi, thank you so much for your prompt reply :)
      I've seen the pictures on the link you've provided and all the rooms seems to be spacious! I'll be travelling light btw:) In your opinion is the location at colormix ok? Do you know where I can get the address of colormix from? And lastly do they have wifi at colormix? So sorry to throw you with so many questions! >_< Thanks! :)

    5. Hi,

      You're welcomed. My opinion is colormix is quite ideal location, slightly off the busy streets of xmd (but not that far), 7-11 & familymart just a stone away. If you're still concern about its location maybe you can check up kingshi hotel's location as cause colormix is just a few blocks away from it. The only address i know is, they're located on 昆明街, i think 158号?

      Based on their webpage they wrote 網路 as one of their room description, so if im not wrong they just added wifi into their rooms? You can double confirm with them if you're booking.

      It is alright. Feel free to ask again if you've any more questions. (:


  7. Hi, thanks for your reply, got through with the email too.. seems that the rates are around the same for may period.. thanks for recommending the place again!

    1. Hi,

      Your welcome, haha. Feel free to leave a comment if you've any more doubts. (:

      Have fun planning!

  8. Hi! May I know how long is the walk from Ximen Station to Colormix?

    1. Hi!

      It is approx. 10~15mins for the first time, and approx. 5~7mins after you're familiar with the place.


  9. Hi!
    Can advise on how do i make my way to Yeliu->Jiufen->Shifen->Keelung from Taipei Main Station?

    1. Hi,

      i"ll advise you to take out shifen. Maybe go another day while visiting places like qingtong and etc which are on the pingxi train line.

      But if you insist,
      1) You can take a bus from Taipei to Yeliu (Taipei Bus Station Terminal, take buses to Yehliu) [you can google a bit on the available buses]
      2) Yeliu to Jiufen (You may need to take buses to Keelong station and transfer another bus in order to reach Jiufen)
      3) Jiufen to Shifen (Take a bus down to Ruifang Train Station and catch a train to shifen)
      4) Shifen to Keelung (Take a train back to Ruifang and catch a bus to keelung)

      As I only tried Jiufen to Shifen route, the rest of the routes are based on previous research. Im sorry if there are mistakes. But will really advise to take out Shifen as the travel time between Taipei to Yeliu to Jiufen is super long. Unless you decided to hire a cab for the whole day then it will not be a problem. (:


  10. Sorry.

    Want to ask again... Is it better if i plan the following?

    Day 1: Taipei --> Yeliu --> Keelung --> Raohe Night Market --> Taipei
    *** Want to check how to go from Keelung to Raohe Night Market?

    Day 2: Taipei --> Jiufen --> Shifen --> 临江街夜市 
    *** I should be able to go around. Just to ask where 临江街夜市 is located...


    1. Hi,

      Yes, Day1 is feasible. If you start your day early, you could even do this:
      Taipei --> Yeliu --> Keelung (lunch) --> Wufenpu --> Raohe Night Market (dinner) --> Taipei
      From Keelung Railway Station and board a train to Songshan Railway Station for Raohe St night market

      Day2 is okay. If you start your day early, you can do:
      Taipei --> Jiufen --> Shifen --> Taipei Main Station (Walk about&Explore) --> 临江街夜市
      Take a train back to taipei main station and take metro to Liuzhangli Station(捷運六張犁站). From there, walk towards Linjiang St.(臨江街) to Tonghua Night Market (通化夜市) aka 临江街夜市.



  11. Replies
    1. Welcome!
      If you need more help feel free to drop a comment.
      Have fun planning and have a nice trip in advance! (:


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  14. hi,
    how do you get to Shifen from Jiufen? and how long is the journey?

    1. Hi,

      Board a bus from Jiufen that is going down the hill, I believe you can take any of the buses over there. Alight near Ruifang Station and buy a train ticket to Shifen.

      -Off peak: I believe can be done in 1 hours time. Providing you did all the research on the timing of the bus&train and everything went well. If it was very impromptu then maybe 1~2hours.
      -Super Peak: 3~4hours is possible. I was stuck at Jiufen bus stop during cny period for at least an hour and the train was delayed another hour or so.


  15. Hi,

    Do you have the contacts info(email and phone num)for reservation with Colormix, i couldn't find their info and their blog has closed. I would want direct book with them asap for my last min trip on this End April. Hope you can help me with it and hear from you soon.

    Thanks alot~ =)

    My email: elainegoh84@gmail.com

  16. Hi, can I know if I go Taipei from Hualian, is it possible to visit Jiu Fen and Shi Fen then to Taipei? Are there on the same route? We are planning to book a car if it is works. Thanks for the help.

    1. Hi,

      Book a car as in booking a cab or you will be personally driving it? If you are mentioning about the latter...

      Nope Jiufen and Shifen are not on the same route. Only Yilan will be on the same route thru and fro between Taipei and Hualien. And it is not advisable to drive up to Hualien cause from what I heard it is a mountainous road. (In Taiwan they don't even have a direct bus thru and fro between Taipei and Hualien)

      But if you're booking a cab, I am sure the driver can plan out a route on how to go Taipei, Hualien, Jiufen and Shifen.

      Just some references for you: Driving from Taipei to Hualien takes around 4-5hours and taking a train average about 2-3hours.

      Hope these helps!