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Thursday, May 15, 2014

[Living in TW] Sanshia Old Street 三峽老街

Half day trip to Sanshia Old Street.

Some perks living in New Taipei City; there are direct buses to not-that-mainstream attraction spots.
We took a direct bus bus802 from Fuda Station 辅大捷运站 EXIT1 (Will be doing a very detailed post on this area soon!)
It is not recommended to travel to Sanshia Old Street using this method, as the bus goes a longer route; it was around 1hr trip... but we just took the convenience cause the bus stop was just a 15mins slow walk from where we stayed. If Im not wrong the recommended way is to take a metro to Banqiao and board a shorter route direct bus to Sanshia (uncertain).

Most of the people on the bus was going to Sanshia Old Street, so we kinda follow suit with the crowd.
We alighted at 三峡老街 Sanshia Old Street stop and walked over for the popular beancurd!

1. 山泉水手工豆花店

Can't remember what did I tried.. either 小红豆豆花 (little red bean beancurd) or 大红豆豆花 (big red bean beancurd). I remembered a guy asked them what is the differences between the 2 and their answer was the size? The sugary sauce was warm and the beancurd was silky! It was perfectly nice with the red beans! I really enjoyed having it!

Note: The stalls has limited seats
山泉水手工豆花店; No. 149 Minsheng St, Sanxia District

2. 古伯手工米苔目

米台目 Mitaimu, not sure how to translate this in english, hmm maybe Thick Rice Noodles? I dont know.
Anyway another famous must-eat-must-try food in Sanshia; just 5mins walk from the previous stall.
There wasnt much ingredients other than the noodles and some minced meat, but it was so delicious that I have to control myself for having another bowl.
It was about NT$50-60 per bowl. Abit pricey for the amount of noodles and ingredients but it was so worth it!
古伯手工米苔目; No. 9, Minquan St, Sanxia District

There was actually more good foods hidden in the Sanshia Old Street but... I'm too full for lunch.
^^pretty old street; and this was taken by my lousy camera
The famous 金牛角 aka Croissants were like everywhere on the street, every store trying to claim something for their croissants. As we tried the croissants at Xinzhuang [Living in TW] Xinzhuang 新莊 (which was a chain store from one of the store over at Sanshia) so we decided to give it a miss.

There were lots of traditional stuffs selling over there, and the items wasnt overpriced. (Taiwan's attraction spots are usually price-friendly; an exception of ximending)

^^This is one of the attractions I read from some sources... it is just a channel/river

We chanced upon this bridge while figuring back our way to the bus stop and trying to avoid the massive crowd on the old street. It is called Zhangfu Bridge. Quite an interesting bridge where there were street performances and some stalls selling cheap keychains and some accessories. Worth visiting.

And this marks our end of half day trip to Sanshia. If anyone is interested, there are actually some artist cafes on Qingshui Street.

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